No Mascots Here: How Bali Family Holidays Enrich Children’s Education

“Another great family-friendly attraction is the sacred Uluwatu temple, where one of Bali’s most celebrated dance traditions is performed daily at sundown. Here, kids can get a glimpse of a cherished Bali tradition. Kids can also take a break from their usual meals at home, like meatloaf or macaroni and cheese, and enjoy Balinese cuisine, like Nasi Goreng (literally ‘fried rice’ in Indonesian), which is steamed rice mixed with green vegetables, seafood or chicken, and topped off with fried egg.

Saving up for family vacations is difficult. In this regard, parents can make the most out of their hard-earned money by considering a gorgeous destination like Bali, which offers great bonding and learning opportunities for the children. Parents can book a family accommodation in Bali through reliable companies like Baali Villas, which have a variety of world-class properties that are within walking distance of Bali’s top attractions.”


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