A Day and Night in Bali

Vacations don’t come cheap. However, adventure-seeking tourists are always in search of affordable retreats. Months of planning and years of saving can equal having the vacation of a lifetime in Bali.

Start with finding a place to stay; it’s arguably the most important element in planning for any vacation anywhere. For more than $200 a night, you can book rooms at a luxury villa, complete with modern amenities, such as satellite TV and Wi-Fi. If you think that’s expensive, a tourist has to make do with a $600 budget to stay in a swanky hotel in Hong Kong.

Food is also affordable in Bali; a meal won’t usually go over $100 for lunch and dinner or $45 for breakfast. In fact, meals at some five-star restaurants may cost 150,000 Rp ($12.45 American). A number of lodgings offer Western-style meals in addition to local ones; although, as a tourist, you may want to embark on a gastronomic adventure by going local.

Overall, Bali has the distinction of being one of the most affordable places to go to in 2014. The Backpacker Index puts Kuta in Bali at $27.14, 24th most affordable tourist destination. Kuta beats big tourist hotspots such as Cancun and Montreal where the costs can go for triple of Bali’s.


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